Best Ruby Gems for Rails Development (self-made)

Igor Kasyanchuk
Sep 22, 2022 • 1 minute read

Rails Live Reload

rails_live_reload - a Rails live code reload for your views/JS/CSS.




any_login  - forget about logins/passwords for your dev environments, just select the user you want to log in with and that's it.
Demo here.
Works with devise and other authentication gems.



unsplash_image - is very helpful for pre-populating you app with some high quality images.


Execution Time

execution_time - helps to accurately measure executed time for our code in the Rails console.


Active Storage Silent Logs

active_storage_silent_logs - reduces the amount of noise in the logs related to ActiveStorage gem.


Rails Time Travel

rails_time_travel - time travel inside you application with "timecop" gem using nice UI. With it you can open your data using different "current" date/time.


Wrapped Print

wrapped_print - easy way to nicely print information into the console (or file) by simply adding .wp. It will print your object to the console and return it as usual.

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